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Molding is the key beginning process of manufacturing ,investing mold means create product , no matter for the needs of unique area, or for global mass needs, our strong development teams can fulfill what you what:

  1.  Flexibly satisfied clients’ small production or long term purchasing needs
  2.  For different material needs of product (such as plastic, glass, metal, stainless ),we are familiar with the best molding method of your need
  3. We offer service from mold designing, modifying , manufacturing, maintenance.

Mold Category

To control the production time, and to decline the probability of clam & return from the end users, making a accurate mold is very important start , we have completed molding produced process to fulfill the needs of client.

  • Understanding and controlling the factors of any mold making process is the key to fulfill project control, we use computer analysis and specialized division to take care of controlling mold component unit and predicting work hour.
  • The Parts we’ll take into consideration