Why you can trust us
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Why you can trust us




Power of Market Search


Power of Design


We keep focusing on the trends of auto dress up accessories, catching the next movement of industry and customer needs.  

 ¨“Following the next trend of styling” ¨“Focusing on auto model which people like”

For developing the accessories that driver's love, we do the research completely for the market, no matter from web forum , turn over of products, Zenpo keep thinking about what content could make it different .

¨We have successfully handled cases of merging the luxury auto design with usual accessories, and developed extensive product to enhance the attraction of product line.

¨From idea creation , product simulation to product realization, Zenpo has strong R&D team to clarify and control any detail step , make thoughts become real in plan. 


Power of Sourcing and purchasing

Zenpo have built a very strong sourcing and purchasing system, besides of developing products, we keep helping our clients purchase inquird goods in competitive price, Produce clients’ needs in time by flexible manufacture system.